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Accounting Tutoring and Exam Preparation

at the University of Florida!



Who We Are

My name is Mikey Brown, and I recently graduated top in my class with an Accounting degree from the University of Florida.  Being a former Intro to Financial Accounting Student showed me a need in accounting classes: accessible, personalized tutoring services.  My company, Automatic Tutoring, specializes in just that, helping students understand material in-depth, all while achieving the highest grades possible.  With the help of the Automatic Tutoring team, our reviews can satisfy all of our customers - anytime, anywhere.

At Automatic Tutoring, we believe that learning the "why" to many Accounting rules solidifies the foundation for Finance and Accounting majors to succeed in upper-division classes.  However, our easy-to-follow reviews make our programs suitable for all majors, teaching students how Accounting is a practical skill now and post-graduation.  We look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with you through your time in accounting.

University Building


Private tutoring is an excellent option for students who enjoy one-on-one help with their accounting classes.  And for students who have a group of friends in the same accounting class, we offer group rates for private tutoring as well.


Exam reviews are helpful to all students in preparing for an exam.  We review all the important topics, explain the main concepts in-depth, and provide practice questions to prepare for the exam.  We also offer a practice exam with solutions to help students prepare for the exam.


Questions? Email us at

(352) - 268- 6630

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