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What We Provide


Exam Reviews are available for purchase around 10-14 days before each Exam ($35 per Exam or included in $50 Chapter & Exam Review Bundle - FAR 1 & FAR 2). They include:

  -Printed Review Packet
  -Review Videos
  -50+ Practice Questions
  -Formula Sheet
  -One Mock Exam

We help students score the highest grades possible each Exam while teaching the material in-depth rather than memorizing. In addition, we help students perform higher on future Exams and Accounting Classes by introducing a solid foundation to work off.


Chapter & Exam Review Bundles are available for every Exam in FAR 1 & 2 ($50 per Exam).  In addition to the Exam Review, Chapter Reviews will provide (for each chapter):

  -Printed Review Packet
  -Review Videos
  -15 Concept Questions
  -10 Practice Questions

We help students understand each Chapter from the ground up. We teach each Chapter's concepts and explain the "Why?" behind each topic, rather than simply memorizing. Understanding each concept helps students remember the information longer and prepare for twists on Exams.


We have private tutoring available for those who prefer one-on-one attention (pricing will vary).  We provide materials to go over, and we aim to review what topics a student is struggling with individually.  For those who would like private tutoring but prefer a cheaper option, you can also split up private tutoring between multiple people, allowing a cheaper price per person!

We tutor Intro to Financial, Intro to Managerial, FAR 1 & FAR 2!

To book private tutoring, go to our Private Tutoring page on our website to book an available time:

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